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Always With You

No matter where you go this year, there is no where you will be that God won’t be right there with you.

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11 thoughts on “Always With You

  1. Realizing that God is always with me has helped me realized that I'm never alone, I'm never unloved, and I'm not useless.♥

    • Thank you, all went well with the surgery and now the long road to recovery! God has been gracious and has given us a wonderful church family with such generosity and kindness I am overwhelmed still. You see we moved to TN from AZ over this last summer and this a new church family for us, to give us such support is truly a blessing from God.

  2. I watch these Devotions every morning, and they've been a wonderful way to start the day! I noticed that, on these two most recent videos, you've ended them in prayer – PLEASE continue to do so in future Devotions.

  3. My first day of college, I was so excited and nervous. I realized this was where God wanted me to be for this time, and I knew he was by my side, guiding and protecting me. It gave me the confidence to meet the best friends I have ever had. They continuously encourage me in my faith, and I know God has placed them in my life.

  4. it is very comforting to know and to feel the presence of God with me. Its a feeling that's really indescribable. I would not be here without the presence of God, and THIS is what I know to be true. I am always thankful for ALL He does for me. Even in my trials, lessons and in every circumstance, even if I don't understand these things; I am thankful.I mostly am thankful for the FORGIVENESS, grace and mercy which makes His love unconditional.Being a sinner through my flesh, I pray that in my sins, He still loves me. Thank you Lord for being with me and in me and I pray that He will guide me daily to come closer to be WHO He intended me to be. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ who sacrificed EVERYTHING for me AND for you. (everyone who comes to Him). AMEN.

  5. I remember years ago as a child my brother and cousins went inside this 2 story building. We were exploring as boys do for fun. As we went up to the 2nd floor it was basically a large attic area and we started to walk around looking for "treasure." I took a few steps and my foot went thru the sheet rock portion of the floor and I fell thru with my body and face facing upward looking at my brother and cousins staring down at me as I was falling backwards. All of a sudden my fall had stopped as I reached the bottom of the first floor and I felt no pain or injury. As I got up I noticed the storage barn was filled with many engines and parts laying around the whole area. If I had fallen on one of those engines or the machinery, I could have broken my back, or worse yet, have been killed. I looked down to where I had fallen and just under me was a mattress from a bed that had caught my fall. What are the chances of falling in the exact place where a mattress had been underneath me ready to stop and protect my fall? To this day I remember this and truly believe that God was there and saved me from injury or death. I thank God for that intervention as "He was there" when i needed him the most.

  6. Yes, the Lord is omni-present and He fills all the earth from the mountains to the sea,but He is most beneficial and most intimately present for me as I hear His Word preached and as I receive His body and blood in the Sacrament. Those are the times that He comes and touches me personally with His healing of forgiveness by His grace and mercy.In this way He is again most wonderful and kind to sinners who thus receive Him.

  7. After listening to you reminding me that God has been there as I was committing deep dark sins it makes me so embarrassed to think back on. Praise God that even though he watched, listened, that when I ask for His forgiveness, He does forgive me.Thank you Lord and The Time of Grace.

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