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11 thoughts on “Enjoy Creation

  1. Another great message! Thank you! Also, would you be able to tell me about the music in this video? I enjoyed it and would like to hear more. Thank you!

  2. Good thoughts!! A good way to express the 6 days of Creation! Our human minds cannot fully understand God. That is why so many make their own gods or adopt some other humans god! We must always remember there are but 2 gods in this life journey on earth:1. The God of the Bible who created ALL things. My God!  2. The god "someone accepts" in their human mind. The mind that was created by My God! We also need to remember that there are only 2 religions in this journey on earth. 1. The "Done" religion!! God the Son, Christ Jesus. — (Created by My God to walk on this earth and suffer and die the death I deserved!) He did it ALL. I only have my human power to reject that salvation. He wants all to be saved! Do not reject Him , He paid for ALL sins!       2. The "DO" religions created by the human mind that tell us, I must have to do something and that is MY part in my salvation.a. Enough Good Works. How many and which ones are enough?b. Stand up and "accept God" at an alter call by some Pastor-Priest.c. Wait till I am an adult that understands before I get Baptized by Water and the Word and accept the Holy Spirit to enter my life. What magic age and time is this? My God does all even enters the life of babies!d. Bow down to mecca x times per day.e. toss coins in a container so I hear my sins disappearing.Do not make your god so small that he has to fit in your brain.THE CREATOR GOD OF THE BIBLE WANTS ALL PEOPLE TO BE SAVED – DO NOT REJECT HIM BECAUSE YOU WANT TO FIT HIM INTO YOUR human brain!

  3. Another great explanation. Thanks! I have some health issues and age that prevent me from getting getting out much now but I used to hunt and fish a lot. Those were my opportunities to step back and enjoy God's creations. I still have some sun sets burned into my memory from 30-40 years ago.

    • I cant imagine how beautiful that is. I am young and maybe I should start thinking of enjoying creation like that. Thank you, may God bless you.

  4. God took 6 days to create all things because he also created time in the process. He also took time to create man by forming him from the ground as opposed to saying "let there be" as He did with other things. He also gave us time on the 7th day to rest and worship.

  5. Hi Pastor Mike, What a beautiful message today.  This really warmed my heart and thoughts today.  Prayers to you and Your Time of Grace ministry.  God Bless, GGG

  6. Whenever I get outside, especially into the mountains, I feel I am more clearly able to perceive God's love for me, an otherwise small, insignificant thing in the grand scheme of…things. I feel His great love for me as I gaze out at the mountaintops, waterfalls, and clouds, realizing that He made it all, and He made me and knows me individually. God bless, YTOG!

  7. "Just BREATHE……." We need to literally "take a breath" and stop to truly see ALL the Lord created and all he still does for us each and every day. "JUST BREATHE" is one of my favorite songs. This message today reminds me to STOP and thank my Lord and Savior for bringing me through a difficult time…it is only by faith in knowing that He will see me through each and every day and that He will always be by my side that life is possible. Love you.

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