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8 thoughts on “Fiercely Protective

    • Dee, Gay & God shows you the deep meaning and true significance of Jesus’ words, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It also teaches you what the Bible actually says on the topic of homosexuality—and empowers you to show practically the love of Christ in a culture where being gay is the new normal.

    • "Next to normal?" I'm confused?could an example be shared in regards to the book & homosexuality?

    • When it comes to homosexuality, the Bible clearly teaches that it is a sin. In any discussion about homosexuality, we also want to keep in mind that the Bible also teaches that other sexual sins – adultery among married people and unmarried couples living together, even lustful thoughts – are contrary to God's will as well. Homosexuality, adultery, and living together are never acceptable lifestyles and we can't pretend that they are. And if people engaging in such sexual sins refuse to acknowledge them as sin or refuse to change, that is impenitence. However, there are many who are not impenitent. They find themselves struggling with their sinful thoughts and feelings. That forgiveness is what we want people who are struggling with their homosexual thoughts and actions to have as well. We want them to experience God's grace because that is what empowers them to say no to sin and yes to a godly life. For that to happen, they need to be connected to the Word. It will be a blessing to them if they also have genuine relationships with loving Christian people who care about them and are willing to encourage them to align their life with God's will.

    • I do strongly agree . it should not be condone by any Believer in the Body of Christ & especially not in the church( building) keeping in mind that we ( Christian Believers) are also the Church.( Holy lifestyle)

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