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Finish Strong

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This week Pastor Jared is talking about goals. Today he talks about what our ultimate goal is. We can finish this race strong because of our awesome God.

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13 thoughts on “Finish Strong

    • We are glad that God encouraged you through this video. Have a great day!

  1. Neil S. died on father's day, 84 yrs old. He is with our Heavenly Father now, he kept the faith and finished strong. It's the one thing that brings me great comfort in this time. I hope his family realizes it is the one thing needful. Not trucks, tools, sporting events, good times with friends… the devil wants those distractions, like activities on Sunday morning.We do not know the time or day when we will be called to go before our Heavenly Father.

  2. My mom started her race when she was diagnosed used with breast cancer, it was a long, tough, and emotionally traumatic marathon. She crossed that finish line after 8 years, and won July 1st, 2009. Jesus OUR Lord hugged her and embraced her at the finish line. She was a champion and a hero in our eyes for sure.

    • Praise the Lord!! Your mom is now enjoying paradise with her Savior. Thanks for sharing Lorena!

  3. My grandma! She finished the race on December 17, 1999. Her faith was so strong and kept the faith! She was too ill to stand and she just prayed and read her bible. I wish she was here to see the woman of God I became.. I saw her loyalty and obedience to God it was so beautiful… We all saw her hands go up and praising God before she passed away! I can't wait to see her again!!! :'(

  4. My husband, Charlie, ran the race being strong in his fight with pancreatic cancer. He kept the faith always reminding us that 'God's got it' and he passed away in peace. He truly was a good and faithful servant. I love him and miss him and am trying to be as strong as he was as I continue to fight my battle with cancer. I know Jesus is with me and I draw on his love and comfort knowing God is in control.

    • Yes, you are right Toni! God will never leave you – even for one moment. Lean on him and his strength.

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