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God’s Plan of Love For You

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14 thoughts on “God’s Plan of Love For You

  1. Perspective is so important in our struggles. God's love for us is far greater than anything we can imagine. When we understand that, we can look at the difficulties in life as opportunities God has lovingly allowed.May we rest in the knowledge of His love.

    • +Karen Medema We are rejoicing that God is working through these video messages from his Word.

  2. Hi, I'm a young soul learning about her faith. I must say that watching your videos gets me closer to God each day. You deliver them in manner which allows me to relate to and in a manner which is effective. Thank you.

    • +Maggs Lamola We are so happy to hear this! Continue to spend time in the Bible and enjoy our videos. See you Monday!

  3. I knew in my head God loves me but even as a devoted lover of Jesus I yet ask God do you really love me? This made me cry hearing how much God feels the same way about me as I do with my own six children – oh how much more. This was so precious to me. Thank u

    • +christine mccoy Oh, how he loves us – more than we can ever comprehend! Thanks for joining us! See you Monday for a new series.

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