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Is a Good Example Good Enough?

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This week Pastor Mike is taking on the challenge of answering your questions. Hold on to your hats, this is gonna be a wild week. Today he tackles the question “Is being a good example a good enough way to spread the Good News?” Do we have to actually talk about Jesus or can we just let our light shine?

Find out in today’s message.

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3 thoughts on “Is a Good Example Good Enough?

  1. I've found that the most natural way to share our faith is share your story, your testimony.As you share the difference Jesus has made in your life, you share that he is able to change the life of anyone who puts their faith in him.

  2. Pastor Mike, Amen… Let the Light of Jesus shine through us to touch the world around us!!!  Praying for your ministry's outreach.  GGG

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