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Jesus’ Goal

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This week Pastor Jared is talking about goals. Are you working on any goals? Hear today’s message to find out about how you are part of Jesus’ goal.

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17 thoughts on “Jesus’ Goal

    • Great goal! God bless you as you take care of the body he has given you.

  1. Brilliant video! One of my goals is to become a person who is full of goodness and wisdom, like you guys, and help people out! You see a few months ago, I encountered a terrible emotion that I have never experienced before, and had a difficult time dealing with it. It's personal story , but I'll be more than happy to send it through a private message.

  2. I would like to learn and memorize GOD promises so I can have them in my mind when I need them, to encourage people around me and myself when I feel down, so cannot let the enemy deceive me.

  3. I love the idea of keeping my goals in front of me. Is my goal a clean house? I thought it was. Is my goal to show my husband that I love him? Not a bad goal. But, is my goal to live for Him who died for me and was raised again? To be honest, sometimes. I want it to be all the time. I want to be compelled by Christ's love to live for Him. Kindly pray for me that I am indeed compelled by Christ's love for me to live for Him.

    • Dear Father, please help Norm to keep you front and center in her mind. Remind her to live for you out of love for all you have done for her. Amen!

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