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Jesus is Your Strength

Today’s question for Pastor Mike is, “I feel guilty and anxious about being guilty and anxious. How do I escape this cycle?”

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9 thoughts on “Jesus is Your Strength

  1. I struggled bad with anxiety before I got saved I was set free and know 25 years later I struggle with it again this devotion was a great reminder for me of how I overcame in the first place by totally being focused on Jesus and not my circumstance. Thank you for sharing this truth from God's word I needed this today.

  2. This is a great message. Thank you. My wife of 46-years has suffered from depression and anxiety all her life. Her struggles are hard and difficult for me to understand but through it all she know her Lord and Savior. She knows as she struggles she needs to turn to the cross of Christ for relieve and comfort. She is my love and my hero because she has brought me to the cross also and by grace we have been able to walk with Christ and even be carried during all those time of discouragement. Christ is truly our light and our salvation. Praise be to Jesus for His infinite mercy.

  3. Hi Pastor Mike, I really like the idea of putting our favorite Bible verses on our smartphone to mediate on in our time of need.  Blessings & Prayers to Your Time of Grace outreach ministry on YouTube.  Amen, GGG

  4. Thank you & God bless you, I have struggled with anxiety & depression for years off and on, I always find peace with God

  5. Thank you for these videos! They are the highlight of my mornings, and I depend on them to strengthen my faith every day!! Please consider doing weekend ones too!! God bless, and thank you so much!!

  6. this applies to so much more than anxiety and depression, you could apply this to your everyday life. I realized in my journey, I always thought "I have to get rid of my anxiety", but that continued to pressure me and did nothing whatsoever to solve the problem. What helps, is knowing you are God's very own child. I found this applied to temptation as well. For example, whenever I would think "I can't be selfish, I must be generous", I would find myself frustrated by repeating my same temptation of selfishness. Don't focus on what you must do, (although it is important to acknowledge sin), focus on Jesus and how to serve him. "Overcome evil with good".

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