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8 thoughts on “Just Do It!

  1. I love these devotions every day. I think I know God's Word for me, but I'm always reminded of something NEW, or something I have forgotten. The simple truth is the best message of all time…..

  2. Simply living your life and letting the peace you have in Christ radiate out makes such a huge difference. Two years ago I started rooming with someone who had never been to church before and a couple months ago she got baptized. Such a happy day!

  3. God is real! I beat a five year addiction to heroin.. Have a baby (i was using while I carried her. ) She is 2 years old, smart and healthier than ever.. also, I have A 3 year old son and neither one of them was ever taken from me.. I've been working at the same job for 2 years moving up and getting raises ever since I got clean… I got out of a very abusive marriage that was extremely hard for me to leave.. I overcame all of that and now I'm getting my own home me and my two kids and I'm pregnant again, due to me trying to help my husband… who is still an active addict, but I got him to finally get some help and I'm still at my parents house… but we are moving this week! I cannot say that there is anyone else who has done this for us other than God himself… if that isn't proof idk what is.. I thought that I would never find a place. It was so hard, it seemed… but I knew God was Working. I knew he had a plan for me.. I just wanted to share that just in case there's anyone else out there who may need a success story to look at.. if I can overcome heroin addiction and an abusive relationship than anyone can! #just believe

  4. After I came back from the azuzanow event on April, I started to tell people in my school about Jesus. The second day I bought some bibles and gave them to those who I talked to. And just few weeks ago, when the new school year started, I heard a good news from one of my friends who is an atheist, he told me that his sister who was also an atheist started going to church every Sunday now. He thinks it is the bible I gave to him that changed his sister. I know it is the Holy Spirit who touched his sister because I listened and followed GOD's call.

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