Grace Talks (f.k.a. Your Time of Grace)

3 thoughts on “Long Term Celebration

  1. I am grateful for your messages that you are able to share with us who are able AND willing to receive them. i look so forward each day (well, Monday through Friday anyways). i think I have pretty much ALL of them saved on my phone so they are easily accessible whenever i need some encouragement or inspiration. Thank you for what God has made POSSIBLE, for you to touch many lives, hearts, and souls in a time when so much is happening in the world that is displeasing to our Father and our Savior, that if even for a few minutes, we can feel the good through your messages.

  2. All I can say is thank you! You're messages mean so much to me. I feel that we should focus on our Lord & Saviour all year around & not just this time of year. We need to spread the love, joy & great gift He has given us to all every chance we get to those that may or may not be ready with grace & love & respect. It just takes one to plant the seed. Again thank you for the time you take to make these messages for us. God bless

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