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More Grace

When you think you’ve sinned to the point God could never love you, he gives you more grace!

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12 thoughts on “More Grace

  1. This message means so much to me because last night, I didn't pray or talk to God before bed. I stayed up late and watched TV. And I know some who would say that's all but to me that's a lot when I made a promis to Him to be faithful in prayer and intercede for others. This message helped me to not feel any condemnation, because even though I know there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus it usually takes time for me to get past the feeling. I must still repent but I know God still loves me. Thank God for Grace and Thank you all for this message. Much Love Rukayat

  2. Very good message. I look back on my life and realized how fortunate for me that God has more Grace and allowed me to live long enough to realize how much Grace I really needed. Thanks be to God.

  3. This resonated to me more than any video in the world. This is one of the only videos that made me cry. I know exactly how this feels. I thank God for giving me the strength to forgive my wife for her transgression, and for strengthening us in our bond of marriage. I give praise to God for his love, Grace and Forgiveness.

  4. Dear Pastor Mike, I have rec'd your book and it's very well written.  Thank you.  Your video today on adultery lead me to tears and thankfulness to God and my wife for my adultery.  I cried for 18 months as did my wife.  I broke her heart and God's heart.  This event devastated us.  We are healing in our 6th year and getting stronger each day.  It is truly GRACE that we are still married and it is God's GRACE that I have dedicated the rest of my life to being a Christian man.  I was baptized and confirmed in the 60's but once I got to Jr. year of high school I turned my back on God.  God came after me with a knock to my body and soul–Holy Spirit convicted me and converted me to a believer in Jesus again.   I have been reborn at 61 years of age.  I suppose that one might think I was reborn when baptized and this is so.  But, if we don't get fed the word and sacrament's due to my own choice—I committed spiritual suicide.   God loved me in spite of myself and came after me and today I receive His GRACE with open hands.  Today I do not want to break God's heart or my wife's.  Time of Grace has been a blessing to me and your "It all starts now" format is so inspiring and helpful to us all!  All to the praise of His Glory.    I do not want to commit sins against my conscience today and we attend church weekly.  God bless you Pastor Mike and the feet you use to carry the gospel to us!

  5. This message brought the tears as I had adultery in my past. Praise God I repented back then and made it right with the Lord. My marriage didn't make it as my husband didn't want it any longer, he then passed years later. I do not live in condemnation of my past as my sins have been washed away. I now have family who are going through this very subject of adultery and it is hard to watch. I am praying for them. Neither of them know the Lord yet but I am praying for the Lord of the harvest to bring laborers into their paths.

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