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Ordinary or Extraordinary

Bethlehem was a small, ordinary town where something extraordinary happened.

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4 thoughts on “Ordinary or Extraordinary

  1. During our time in Israel last year, we never visited Bethlehem, partially because we also heard it wasn't worth it. However, we did visit several places in Jerusalem, including THE GARDEN TOMB, which I would definitely recommend (Church of the Holy Sepulchre, not so much). Even so, it too is still just a place. What makes The Garden Tomb (and Bethlehem) significant is the EVENTS that took place there. I believe my focus should be on the events, rather than the places.Another great video!! Thanks YToG!!

  2. The Creation Museum near Cincinnati, and the full size replica of Noah's ark that is there.    It will reinforce ones belief that Genesis one through eleven are literally and historically accurate.

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