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7 thoughts on “Strength in Your Weakness?

    • Yes! I love how we can depend on a new devotional every morning!God bless you brother.

  1. indeed feeling beat down, & beat around & indeed like Paul I to wonder the same thing, however God Knows, He Knows , & I hope He aligns everything. and many time we hear that exact verse of scripture & still though at time we just need an answer. Trust is to have Faith. Faith is believing the I wrote this Foolish Faith requires One to believe in what appears Impossible inside the box but beyond the outside we see Possibilityby DacieBless God

  2. this week's video's about Change are great. I have a question though, if someone makes a "Choice"( free will) my understanding is God doesn't change that, but will he intercede for you somehow. hope Iam asking this correct.

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