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Strengthen Me

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This week Pastor Jared is talking about goals. Today he is reminding us that our strength comes from the Lord. What are some things that you do to help make sure you spend time in God’s Word each day?

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16 thoughts on “Strengthen Me

    • That's really convicting for me John. How many times do I wake up & grab my phone and open up Facebook or Twitter before even considering reading God's Word. I think it comes down to a matter of priority – which for me is an issue of the heart.

    • We are glad that our video encouraged you. Thanks for joining us again!

    • Yes. A Christian will want to do what God loves. God's 10 commandments are a good summary of the kind of life he loves to see. Jesus said he came not to cancel the commandments but to fulfill them for us. Even though we don't follow them to earn God's favor, they are still God's law and we follow them out of love for him and thanks for sending Jesus to save us.

  1. If I don't do my Bible reading early in the morning it usually doesn't get done. I like the idea of setting for myself conditions such as your practice of not drinking coffee until Scripture is open before you. Except that I don't drink coffee!

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