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7 thoughts on “The Voice That Matters

  1. The story that I tell myself, after the many terrible things that I have been through, is that I am not enough. I know that I am enough for Christ. But I tell myself that I am not enough for my Husband, who is on his second, very long term affair. Feeling that I have to compete for his attention and affection, makes me feel like I am truly not enough. I love to listen to Pastor Steven Furtick. And one of his sermons was about telling the devil, "Christ is in me, I am enough." So, I try to do that, but still this haunts me on a daily basis, as we approach our 35th anniversary next month. I am enough, right?

    • Dear Joanne, Please don't let your husband's bad choices define or take away from the precious Woman of God that you are.  Also, please seek counseling from your church.  Jesus loves you and wants to heal you and keep you safe in His loving care.  Hugs & Prayers in Jesus, GGG

  2. Hi Pastor Jared, Wow!  Thanks for sharing that story at the beginning.  It was a great shock factor of how cruel our self-talk can be to ourselves!!!  Take Care & God Bless, GGG

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