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Where is Jesus?

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This week Pastor Dave talks about the connection between Christmas and the cross, between peace and Jesus. Today he answers the question, “Where is Jesus?” If you feel that you have lost Jesus in the craziness of our busy lives, be assured He has come! With Jesus, we have life.

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5 thoughts on “Where is Jesus?

  1. Jesus said,"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." – Matthew 11:28I thank God that invitation to find Jesus is available to anyone who seeks him!

  2. Hi Pastor Dave, Your children taking the Baby Jesus out for a ride in the Barbie car and hanging out with the Lego people was soooo precious and actually spot on!!!  It reminded me that Jesus is ALWAYS with us everywhere we go and in everything we do!!!  Also, loved the book reference…LOL!!!  I have actually been on the receiving end on those puzzling and unwanted "lose weight" gifts… and today you made me laugh through the pain…LOL…  Thank You Jesus and AMEN!!!  Prayers to your ministry.  GGG

    • +Go Getter-Girl Glad you enjoyed today's video! We had some good chuckles too!

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