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Wholesome Talk

Do you use sarcasm? It may be unwholesome talk.

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3 thoughts on “Wholesome Talk

  1. what about if the sarcasm is just joking with each other and we laugh about it? my boyfriend and I we both go back and forth with stuff like that sometimes were only joking with each other we both end up laughing

    • we don't go after each other when we're angry like that but we tease each other back and forth with stuff like that that's reason I'm asking

  2. Hi Pastor Jon, Thank you for being open and real about this topic in your own life.  The words that we use can bring either blessings or cursing or life or death to others and also to ourselves.  We must be aware of our spoken words at all times and the power that they have short and long term in others' lives and also in our own life.  And of course, our spoken words should always bring glory to God our Father and Jesus our Lord and Savior.  Amen!!!   Blessings & Prayers to everyone in this YouTube online community, GGG

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