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You Can Rest

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“Come to me, all you who are weary & burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28 (NIV)

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10 thoughts on “You Can Rest

    • +Mark Groth You are welcome! We have loved it as well! Look forward to seeing more on Monday.

    • +Mark Groth I don't know who you are… But I agree with you. I am so glad there is finally something like this! I didn't realize how much my soul needed it until now.

    • +Cara Nitz God's word is so powerful! Keep watching and keep digging into His Word. He will keep his promise of giving you true rest.

  1. Pastor Jon, Amen… Coming to Jesus is ALWAYS the answer!!!  Praying Blessings for Your Time of Grace Ministry!!!  🙂  GGG

  2. It is so amazing how God will send you answers and guidance thru different encounters and events.  I was not a few weeks back or more, going thru what seemed to me an extremely long period in which I felt exasperated with myself and my inability to be a better Christian.  I always thought of myself as wishy-washy, not at all as steadfast as I yearned to be.  I only happened upon this site after seeing this movie ("God Is Not Dead") in it there was this music group, the "News Boys".  I was truly moved by their performance and pleasantly surprised to come across one of their videos online which just happened to lead me to "Your Time of Grace".   God is so Awesome how He works things out.

    • +Winston McDuffie That is wonderful how God brought you to us to work encouragement into your day. We are so thankful He did! See you tomorrow for more.

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