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Your Journey Begins

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Jon Enter
Mike Novotny
Dave Scharf
Jared Oldenburg
Ben Blumer


10 thoughts on “Your Journey Begins

    • +Jesse Hieb We are very excited to see so many folks embracing it. We hope it's a major blessing to everyone looking to start their day off with a couple minutes of reflection.

    • Thank you. I did figure it out. The layout is different for the andriod tablet than the PC. Just getting the feel of things. 😀

  1. Hi Pastors Jon, Mike, Dave, Jared & Ben, I have been following "Your Time Of Grace" ministry since February 2016 and just found out today that your YouTube ministry outreach recently started on January 18, 2016… not that long ago!!!   Wow!!!  I just wanted to let you know how much your online ministry has blessed me in such a short time and how I look forward to your messages every weekday!!!  God Bless your ministry, GGG

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