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You’re Not Alone!

Is there a change you want to make but don’t know how? This week Pastor Jon takes a look at making changes in our lives.

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5 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone!

  1. this message touch home its exactly how I felt & feeling. I don't believe in New years resolution this is so because for most persons these resolutions only last January 1st , one week , or 1 month…. so I never believe in them true change happen unexpectedly or when we fully commit into wanting to see a difference. its good to know we're not alone & that the very God who created us is always there with us though he can't be seen , we can feel him . again I solicit your prayer in these areas. videos are very encouraging may God continue to bless TimeOfGrace

  2. Change comes when we understand that only God can give us the ability to truly change.Thanks for that powerful reminder!

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